What is GaCuCon?
The Game Culture Con Cruise & Expo also known as "GaCuCon" [Gah.Coo.Con] is a gaming event being held on January 26th - 30th, 2017 that includes a 1-Day Expo event in Miami followed by a 4-Day Cruise. All for the love of game culture, celebrating it with your friends and family on a cruise ship!  The Game Cruise is the ultimate experience for gaming fans and enthusiasts wanting to connect with like-minded members of the community. Both segments of GaCuCon on land and sea include events for video gaming, table-top gaming, game development, game technology, and game media.

GaCuCon 1 Day Expo
GaCuCon Cruise Tickets
Special Guests

Johnathan Wendel

Fatal1ty - eSport Legend


    Leading Game Industry Media

      Greg Street

      Riot Games Design Director

        Myron Mortakis

        CEO Helm Systems

          David Nuñez

          CEO Queen Birdface Productions

            Frank Velazquez

            South Florida IGDA

              Pedro Guerra

              CEO Good War Games

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                  What To Do in GaCuCon


                  Gaming area to enjoy when you've had enough sunshine, ocean breeze and possibly a daiquiri or two. Including LAN areas, console setups, board games, card games and more.

                  Awards & Prizes

                  Enjoy a fine dining experience on the ship accompanied by an award ceremony for some of the best the game industry has to offer.

                  GaCuCon Quest

                  Curated quests for more adventurous GaCuCon guests including challenges and new experiences to enjoy.

                  Game Cosplay

                  Cosplay is most definitely encouraged, including a cosplay contest to celebrate the creativity of cosplaying guests.

                  Speakers/ Celebrities/ Panelists

                  Scheduled through the cruise we will have several stimulating sessions of panels, Q&As and game related professional development activities.

                  Other Things to do on the Cruise

                  Comedy shows, bars, clubs, restaurants, movies, scuba diving, spas, mini-golf , art exhibitions and casino
                  The Game Cruise Itinerary

                  The Voyage

                  Miami, Key West, Cozumel

                  January 26th - 30th 2017

                  Game Cruise Schedule

                  GaCuCon Day 1

                  Open Game Expo Area

                  This is the first event leading into our 4 day GaCuCon Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. More info on the cruise and tickets on GaCuCon.com The 2017 event takes place at Dave and Buster's as the perfect place for those who love gaming of all types to come together. This one night Game Culture Celebration will include:
                  • Meet local Game Studios
                  • Experience Virtual Reality
                  • Game Art Exhibitions
                  • PC Gaming Area
                  • Console Gaming Area
                  • Quick game tournaments
                  • Cosplay Contest
                  • Dave and Busters Arcade will be open with double points as a bonus
                  GaCuCon Day 1


                  Check-In at our concierge desk (located within the Atrium) to receive your exclusive GaCuCon access pass as well as your swag-bag filled with gaming goodies.

                  GaCuCon Mixer

                  Participate in the onboard kick-off event to network and chat with other attendees in an environment filled with cocktails and games.
                  GaCuCon Day 1

                  Morning Meet-Up

                  Join us for breakfast to plan for the day’s event and reserve your time slots for special activities like Special Guest meet & greets.

                  Explore Key West

                  Explore the Keys, have some fun and when you get back on the ship the Expo floor and demos will be waiting for you.

                  Special Guest Panels & Gaming Demos

                  A dedicated space for gaming tech and new games with panels including our special game industry guests like eSport Pros, game developers and more.
                  GaCuCon Day 1

                  GaCuCon Quest Intro

                  Sign up for activities in the GaCuCon Quest line to win prizes while making some incredible memories and new friends.

                  Explore Cozumel

                  Explore Cozumel, have some fun and when you get back on the ship we will still have the Expo space and demos waiting for you.

                  GaCuCon Quest Exp Tally & Rewards

                  At the end of the evening we will tally up all the "experience" points racked up by guests and give away the prizes earned. LOTS OF LOOT!

                  Game Tavern Night

                  We will have all types of games setup in a designated area which will include video games, tabletop, card games and more. Play against others with a drink in your hand and victory on your mind.
                  GaCuCon Day 1

                  Open Game Expo Area

                  We'll be at Sea so we will open the Expo hall all day for you to come and go as you please. Check out the popular panelists, exhibitions and gaming competitions.

                  Game Tavern Night Part II

                  The final night hosting a Game Tavern in case you missed the first one. Enjoy a final round of gaming with other guests while sipping on an adult frosty beverage.

                  Late-Night LAN

                  As we wrap up the evening we will invite the more hardcore gamers to join us for a super-late night LAN gaming session featuring games like Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead Series, and more!
                  The Ship
                  The Game Cruise Sails with Carnival
                  The Game Cruise Ship

                  Carnival Sensation

                  If you’re into water fun the Sensation definitely has options for you: a resort-style pool and your choice of 3 different water slides. If you’re looking for a unique and relaxing oasis, you’ll love the Serenity area - plus Spa Carnival. The Sensation’s clubs and bars are also some of the industries best; serving top tier spirits and beers all night long. And while you’re enjoying everything the ship has to offer, we step it up by incorporating the best aspects of a true gaming convention – high level vendors, speakers, mini-events, prizes and more. If you’re looking to splash, Carnival Sensation definitely has options for you: a resort-style pool and waterslide options galore. (Three, to be exact!) If you’re looking for a unique and relaxing oasis, you’ll love our Serenity area, plus Spa Carnival. Take part in one of the most unique events the gaming industry has to offer. Don’t miss your chance to come aboard GaCuCon - The Game Cruise.
                  Miami Gaming Expo
                  The GaCuCon Expo is a one night only event highlighting the best the gaming industry has to offer.  It’s the official kick-off party of GaCuCon that will provide a glimpse into what will be experienced over the next 4 days on The Game Cruise. Hands on gaming demos will be present which will include virtual and augmented reality, high-end gaming rigs and more!  Connect and engage with gaming’s top streamers, influencers and enthusiasts. The Expo will be open to all who purchase a Game Cruise package.  Separate tickets will be sold to the general public at a later time. Subscribe to our email list for the latest updates on the Expo.
                  GaCuBrawl: fast paced 4 player kaiju combat.
                  GameTrep Make Games Miami Indienomicon gaam-logo-v4

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  • I’ve never been on a cruise what should I expect?
                  • You should expect one of the more relaxing experiences you’ve ever had mixed with the productivity of a conference and enjoyment of a game/comic convention. The first day is mostly checking in, enjoying some culinary delights and exploring the ship. We will make sure to properly orient you to the ships activities, amenities and GaCuCon features exclusively for GaCuCon guests.
                  • What do I get included with my GaCuCon cruise ticket?
                  • A room for two on the cruise, ticket to the GaCuCon land expo on Jan. 25th, loot bags on the ship in your room from all exhibitors, access to the GaCuCon Cruise guest only events and all the other amenities on the cruise at your leisure.
                  • Do I need a passport?
                  • Yes! This cruise leaves US Waters so all passengers are required to have their passports to board the ship. Make sure your passport is valid and if you need to renew it or get a passport as a US citizen please visit this site - https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports.html
                  • If I don’t have a passport how can I get one?
                  • Please visit this site - https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports.html Unfortunately we cannot get you on the ship without a valid passport so we really stress you handle this as soon as possible to prevent issues. That said, we are unable to refund you on the day of the cruise if you cannot board due to your passport since the room is paid for and cannot be resold in time. So please make sure your passport is ready for GaCuCon 2017!
                  • Are kids allowed?
                  • Of course as long as you are their legal guardian and over 25 years old! So you are more than welcome to bring the family to GaCuCon and enjoy the event.
                  • Is there an age limit for cruise passengers?
                  • Guests are required to be 21 years old (on embarkation day) to travel. Guests under the age of 21 must be accompanied in the same stateroom by a parent or guardian 25 or older.
                  • Does GaCuCon have the entire ship reserved?
                  • We don’t, at least for this first year. As we grow we may infact one day have an entire cruise made up of gamers, game developers and guests with your support.
                  • Do you offer payment plans?
                  • We do, but with payment plan power comes great responsibility. Due to the nature of cruise ship reservations under the payment plans are still bound to our refund policy.
                  • Can I reserve groups of rooms to be with my friends?
                  • It is possible, let us know in the comment box that you wish to have multiple rooms together and we will see if there is availability to make it happen.
                  • Are there group discounts?
                  • If you plan on booking more than 5 rooms let us know and we will see what discount we can offer since it fluctuates based on the ship and time of year.

                  Contact the GaCuCon Team