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Game Cruise Affiliate Program

GACUCon is now Looking For Affiliates (LFA) to partner with who love games and need a vacation.

The LFA program allows you to provide your audience with an amazing gaming vacation and also earn money at the same time. Check out our commission tiers below, level up and earn up to $1600 and a FREE CRUISE for you and a guest!

Why join the LFA Program

  • EARN - Energize your most dedicated fans to join you on this vacation! Earn a free cruise and commissions on top of it! (Pssst...Can’t make the cruise? Extra commission bonuses available.)
  • CREATE - The cruise provides the perfect venue to interact with your audience and make unique content all at the same time. The benefits of holding a gaming party on a tropical vacation.
  • GROW - While you're shouting from the rooftops about us, we'll be doing the same for you. You'll be added to our sponsors page as an influencer. If you make the cruise you'll be promoted as a special guest and included in our advertising.

Goal Board / Commission Chart

Bonus Structure

The free cruise room is equal to the average value of the rooms sold. For example, if you sell 16 Balcony rooms your complimentary room for you and a guest will be a balcony room. Flight, hotel, and incidentals are not included.

Paid after June 30th, 2019 for all rooms that have completed full payments.



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