Who we are

We are a team of game industry builders and event professionals who have the unified vision of building GaCuCon as the premiere game industry event for Florida and first of its kind on a cruise ship.

Andru Fratarcangeli, CEO & Founder
Frank Velazquez, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder
Juan Nunez, Director of Operations and Sponsorships

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Why we do it

We do it because we love the game industry! That’s where we went to work with planning GaCuCon and GameTrep to build our very own game haven here in South Florida to share with game industry professionals across the world.

We’ve been on this mission for just under two years and have had alot of of great moments and success. From hosting global game jams to working with all the major universities. GaCuCon is the shining jewel that will bring it all together.


2014 – The founders worked at TigerDirect HQ handling marketing for gaming electronics and products including Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony and more. During lunch we began dreaming up how we can grow the game industry here in South Florida since we didn’t want to move to pursue our game developer dreams on the West Coast as many local game developers struggle with.

2015 – Gametrep and MakeGamesMiami was founded to incubate local game developer studios and the community. Since its inception we have enjoyed several epic moments and experiences. This was the year the idea of GaCuCon was developed and pre-production began on how to make it happen.

2016 – The year to scale the industry and cement in the communities gains including all the amazing relationships developed over the last few years. 2016 is the year of production to make GaCuCon happen including the construction of the website, securing funding to reserve the venues, activities and guests as well as building out the team. So far the project is progressing beyond expectations!

Below are some of the things we’ve been up too:

  • September 24th 2015: GaCuCon becomes an idea
  • November 4th 2015: Pre-Production work begins on GaCuCon to make it a reality
  • Dec 2015 – To date: Monthly Game Developer Meetups
  • June 12 – 13 2015: Intro to Game Jams
  • June 25 – 28 2015: SuperCon Panels and booth by Miami-Dade College
  • October 2-6 2015: OrlandoiX Game Expo Hall
  • October 16 & 17 2015: MIA Animation Conference & Expo
  • November 6th 2015: MakeGamesMiami at TechBash
  • November 13-14 2015: Miami Indie Dev Fest @ MDC InterAmerican
  • December 17th 2016: Unity Roadshow – Starting with Unity Event
  • January 15 – 16 2016: Magic city Con Game Dev Panels
  • January 29 – 31 2016: Global Game Jam @ Citydesk
  • February 6th 2016: Microsoft Xbox FIFA16 tournament
  • April 2016: Isabella and Juan recruited to team
  • April 18 – 20 2016: eMergeAmericas press access to document game industry participation
  • May 27th: The GaCuCon page goes live
  • June 1st: GaCuCon Tickets available for sale!Since then we had the experience, connections and dream to make GaCuCon happen

Facts about GaCuCon and South Florida

    • Founded in Miami, Florida
    • 2.9 million gamers in South Florida
    • 223 thousand esport fans in South Florida
    • Florida is #6 in the nation for Game Developers
    • We are the first major game industry event in Miami
    • Ship – Carnival Sensation
    • Ship Capacity – 2056 guests


First teaser video:

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