Show your games on the cruise

GACUCon indie game showcase program

Animated Gacu Gang

GACUCon gamer, cosplay and geeks are the perfect captive audience to experience your game. No, really...unless they are amazing swimmers they are on a boat with time to experience quality content like yours.

If you want to be a part of their memorable gaming vacation experience then you are invited to apply to our Content Creator Program including Game Devs, Cosplay Crafters or anyone who makes really epic geek crafts.

Be seen, get fans, have fun!

Exhibiting at conventions can be an expensive and tiring investment where you may end up sitting at your booth as people stream by your awesome work. It's the nature of land conventions, too crowded, people rushing everywhere and in the end even those who saw your game or product may not even remember from the hundreds of others there vying for their attention!

That's partly why GACUCon was made, aside from being a pretty sweet cruise vacation, we wanted more of a community event where people can get time to engage with each other and have fun with time to relax or explore.

You may now be thinking SUGOI but how can I get involved?

  • Attend as a Guest
  • Attend as a Content Creator
  • Send swag, demos or product samples
  • Exhibition, dedicated space on land and sea
  • Sponsor, get involved at the highest level

Why? We do more, beyond the booth:

If you're reading this odds are you're afraid of Cthulu rising up from the ocean while on the cruise or we haven't convinced you. If so there are plenty of ways for you to participate in this unique event like above but what are we willing to do that other conventions won't?

  1. Promote you, normally conventions will at best put you up on a directory on their site.
    1. Press Release Announcements
    2. Articles
    3. Video and photo content at the events
  2. Make connections, we're a much more engaged community and will allow you to better get to know other exhibitors, publishers, etc.
  3. Build your work into our event, we have an annual scavenger hunt and reward "coins for quests" you and your game or product can become a quest!
  4. Share-ability,  people love sharing vacation photos and you can be a part of those cherished memories.

Want to know more or have questions? Make sure to hit the apply button and fill out our quick form:

Last year, I went on a wacky videogame-themed cruise called GaCuCon (pronounced Gah-coo-con) and I lived to tell the tale. I got to party and eat 14 meals a day with one of the main creative guys from Riot, and later got my ass handed to me by eSports legend Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendell all week. It was their first year, so the expo was small, but it was totally worth it. I made some great friends I'm looking forward to catching up with again.Niero Gonzalez, Founder of